Tarot says: Chakras

With all the talk going around about Chakras actually being thought forms interjected in our astral bodies, I had to check for myself. Unfortunately I can’t astral project yet and even if I did, seeing chakras wouldn’t really prove anything unless i could see the astral body of someone who has never heard of chakras and check if they have them anyway. My guide to truth has always been my instinct and my cards whether I listened to it or not. So I decided to carry out a tarot investigation of the matter.

What are Chakras?

The Five of Swords came up! Now I used the Wild Unknown for this. And anyone who has seen what the card looks like would know it’s not healthy. It came up upside down which I interpret as unintentionally malicious. The picture of the worm cut in half is too stark to ignore. Normally the card would be interpreted as ‘cutting someone down to size’ either because there is no sense of consequence or a result of condescending behaviour. Here when I took this card out I had a flash of trees pruned into hedges.

Digging Deep:

The Heirophant told me the idea of Chakras took hold because it was propogated by a religious or spritual institution. It was believed to be the key to spiritual awakening. I asked why and the Two of Swords came up which is the defense mechanism card. So what this looks like is a classic case of taking control measures to assuage a subconscious fear of spriritual progression. I suppose every beginner is wary of awakening for it changes the ego. This seems to have led us to adopt a spiritual system that is systematic and ‘safe’.

So what does having a Chakra system do to you? The Daughter of pentacles came up. I was confused because I couldn’t reconcile this image with the 5 of swords! But what drew me to it was the rainbow that reflects the colors of the chakra system. I decided not to interpret anything just then and took another card to clarify. I got the daughter of pentacles and saw the same rainbow pattern. Well all I could gather at this point was that the chakra system doesn’t do harm just keeps things beautiful and orderly. The lines really stood out to me here. Another thing that help my attention was the fact that these were feminine energies.

What if the chakra system was removed! The Ten of Swords came up. Although in my years of tarot reading I have shed the fear that used to be attatched to this card it still scared me. I took a clarifier, the Three of Wands and it all made sense. I immediately registered the rainbow colors but in this card they were merged. They were one and very beautiful! I saw now that removing the system allows for the death of ego or expectations and can be quite harsh depending on how much you fear it. But the reward is sweet for it unifies the energies and brings to our attention a whole new world to explore within ourselves! If you notice the daughter cards they remain in black and white while the colors are outside them. This leads me to the interpretation that the chakra system disciplines or structures the feminine spiritual energies keeping them at an infantile stage.

Since the 3 of wands is a card of exploration, I pulled two more cards to explain what happens by or through this adventure! The reversed Emperor and the World tell me that the exploration is the first step to taking back control of the driver’s seat and reaching your full potential. I can also see this as a path to oneness.

I have not yet removed my Chakra system. But I will as soon as this article is done! See you on the other side! ūüėė


Runes: What I Know

After my close encounter with Rune Magic, I decided I could definitely use more of that! So I made my own runes. It was a sudden decision and I never regretted it. Made a set out of synthetic clay and painted it white and gold. I loved my runes. I tried to learn all I could about them but frankly there is a lot of rubbish out there on the subject. Hopefully this article will help illuminate the mysteries of Runes.

Each Rune is a symbol that manages to capture the core meaning and essence of a particular energy. All together, they are said to describe the 24 different energies that form the Universe. This is why it works really well as talismans and in spellcrafting. Like calls to like and each Rune when used as a talisman or amulet, can call similar energies towards it. When ordered into a formula, it dictates what energies get pulled and in what sequence. Since they describe all the different energies of the universe, they are also perfect for divination. You need to really develope your intuition to read this though. There are only 24 different symbols as opposed to tarots and oracles that have many more symbols in each card to stimulate your intuition.

My runes!


Now there is a lot of articles out there on using Runes for divination. One I see pretty commonly, is the practise of picking out 3 runes for the past, present and future. There is nothing wrong with that but if you are using Runes you might as well use them in a way that really allows them to shine. Runes call for us to understand the concept of Wyrd which refers to how there are certain energies in flux at certain times. Wyrd to me, is the ever-changing scenery of energies, one giving way to the other as dictated by the play of energies in the past, the intentions of the present and the call of the future. It is a poetic and much more accurate version of the layman’s view of fate or karma.

Casting all 24 out on a surface or a grid tells you exactly what forces are at play regarding the querent’s particular situation. You can use the same grid you would normally use for candle divination. I personally have never used a grid. I simply cast the runes and let them ‘speak’ to me. Typically I would pick out the downturned ones and put them back in my pouch. Then I would meditate on where the runes have clustered as the point of interest. Other runes around it would be influencing factors. Rest is intuition. This takes practise. I can’t tell you how many times I did this and returned them all to its pouch without gaining any insight. Slowly more and more information started seeping in from the runes.


My runes spellcasting is basically the same divination method with a twist. Here’s why; the Universe and it’s symphony of energies is already answering your desires and fears, without discrimination. But you only want a particular desire you are conscious of, to manifest. So the first cast of runes gives you the overview of the energies at play; the Wyrd at present. Take out the downturned pieces and cast again with the ones that were faced up. Repeat the process until you have just one or a maximum of 4 runes left. What you are doing here is filtering the energies for your spell. Why this filtering process? Well, think of it as zeroing in on the energies that need to be reinforced to assure the completion of the manifestation process.Writing these runes on someplace significant helps to you do just that.

I once tried using a henna tattoo with runes. I wouldn’t do it again unless I was really, really, really in need of it. It was extremely powerful and it made me sick the very next day. In two days it was reduced to just headaches and it did do what was intended. But the effect was heavy and I could hardly keep up with what was happening. Thinking back I am pretty sure it pulled major events towards me that ‘happened’ after it faded. Never tried tattoos since. These energies are not meant to be locked permanently or for long periods in your skin. Energies are free flowing and so it needs to be allowed to transmute into something else when it wants to. I’ve written plenty of spells on paper though or even on my skin. They tend to tear apart or wash away once they have done their job.


I had a simple choker with a tiny loose crochet bag where i could slip a rune in. This allowed me to carry a rune like a talisman. Having a rune around your neck or hanging down to your heart, does several things all at once. It stabilizes your energies to be more in line with the rune you are wearing. It helps you understand your rune better as you go through the day and realize the subtle difference in your reactions or even the things that are attracted to you. This gives you an idea of how powerful a rune can be and why it’s not such a great idea to tattoo them on your person.

The beautiful thing about making your own runes is the sort of direct bond it tends to have with your subconscious. You cannot loose your runes anymore than you can loose your subconscious world. It is this direct link will help you understand not only the runes but also how you as a conscious creator affects reality on a daily, even momentary basis.


I love these! Simply wear a rune or a bindrune as a bindi! It does two things! Stimulates your 3rd eye via simple accupressure. It totally helps your headspace. Monkey mind? Can’t sit and meditate? Try using Isa or any of the other runes between your brows. I suppose it is yet another way of deeply understanding runes.


Odin as legends have it, hung on the world tree upside down as a way to gain wisdom. He represents the archetypal hanged man: a symbol of surrender and letting go. This implies surrendering to the universe as a means of understanding its energies. Surrendering control as a way of trusting and accepting that the Universe will take care of you. There is no rune for love among the runes set. The reason for that is because love is the lens through which Odin saw these runes, so to speak. I never instructed my spells to destroy themselves once they do the job. Runes do that all on their own. That’s it’s beauty. Each rune is a frequency of energy that knows when it’s time for it to cease to exist and make way for energy on a new frequency. They know they are all one. They have no selfishness to fight to exist over the other. That’s love. That’s the pure divine love of the Universe.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned that runes symbolise all the energies of the Universe. That is slightly incorrect. The truth is, we will always find new names for energies or new energetic expressions themselves. Runes are merely all the energies that exist harmoniously in a loving Universe. We have 24 runes. Add 2 and 4, and you get 6, the frequency of love. The number 2 symbolises relationships/balance and the number 4 symbolises all things that are stable and all things that die too. You see how everything about it speaks of harmony and love and the cycle of life and death? Using the runes not only taught me about myself but also taught me what love was about. I hope it does for you too.

Chaldean Numerology: Updated 1

Numbers represent a fascinating aspect of the language of the Universe and as such many Occultists have tried to decipher their meaning in relevance to human lives and personalities. Everything is energy and everything has vibration. This vibration can be classified into nine basic types each named numerically from 1-9. Each basic type of vibration or number naturally has its own set of properties that make it distinctive and these attributes tend to influence a person and his life because again, everything is energy: everything is vibration. This is the basis of numerology.

Out of all the different types of numerology out there Chaldean is hands down the most accurate just not that well known. I’ve have tried everything there is. Soul number, expression numbers, angel numbers. Ugh! Please! They are based on the truth but awkward and fanciful in their application. Mistruths are often the toughest kind of lies to uproot. I’ve had recurring and repeatable results only with Chaldean and I’m sticking to this one thank you! The reason I think this works is because of how the numbers are assigned to the letters and also the basis of the interpretation: Tarot cards!

So the Chaldean system has numbers assigned supposedly based on each letter’s vibration as opposed to the order in which they are typically arranged. Okay! I have to own that I don’t know how one can tell what vibration a letter is supposed to have. One thing I did notice is that the odd numbers have letters that use more open or exaggerated mouth movements than the even numbers. I have also noticed that the number four is assigned to the letters DMT! Nice, huh?! Regarding the interpretation, well, I’m a firm believer of the fact that when certain different schools of thought merge, the Truth we seek is a whisper of a thread in between. I’ve told you about numbers being a type of language of the Universe, well Tarots are basically symbols and they are a type of Universal Language too. Now while I say Tarot cards, I’m pretty sure Chaldean came first and very likely provided a good base for tarots. It shows in the the manner of interpretation. Carl Jung once said that God spoke in Archetypes and that is a big part of the Truth in the Chaldean system.

Ooh! They also did not care to assign any letter to the number nine. They thought it was holy. Can’t really argue there. You can look up Tesla’s ideas on the numbers 3, 6 and 9 and the significance of 9 in the tarot world. Now I don’t like putting up redundant information here, unless it has a fresh perspective…, that is mine! So, what I’d like to add is no matter what intentions they had with excluding the number, the fact remains that the letters were assigned vibrations from 1 to 8. The reason I’m stating the obvious is to point out the fact that now 8 has become the most significant vibration because there are 8 numbers!! Now if you have done your research on single number interpretations, you’ll know that 8 is a karmic number, the hand of fate and my personal favourite interpretation, the eternal/infinite energy. What I am trying to say is that basing a system on the number 8 like that is deep magic and what the Chaldeans did, whether they know it or not, was they tied their numerology system to Fate, to the eternal energy that survives time intact only to be perceived differently. Odd numbers carry and energy of change but even ones have consistency. That’s why it can connect so soundly to the names that people are either born with or that stick to them regardless, numbers of their birth, time, address, everything.

Moving on! I’m just going to give a quick description of my take on the single number interpretation. So like I said odd numbers carry the energy of change and the even numbers, consistency. The thing about numbers is their nice manner of incrementing in vibration and value and when you apply this to what we know of odd and even numbers, you will arrive at how I’ve come up with my interpretation.

Number One:

Everything starts here in the observable Universe. This number is representative of consciousness and awakening. That’s why you hear a lot of about 1111 meaning awakening in a larger sense. Anyway, it also signifies the beginning and as such, is auspicious in relation to events as it offers strong grounds. Names of Places, events carrying the number one can let you tap into success through breakthroughs and bouts of clarity. So you want progression, insight and epiphanies to help you overcome whatever life may throw at you then, naming your house or company in such a way that it boils down to 1 would help. This isn’t some sort of catch all success number though. I would say use this number if you have trouble with clarity or want to tackle problems that are better solved by thinking outside the box.

Number 1 people are often original thinkers or perceivers. Despite that, they tend to lean more to the simplistic side of thinking; comprehending the complex through simplistic means rather than thinking too deep or too much over simple things. They are definitely good initiators weather they can see it through or not would depend on other. They make good leaders and often find success if they manage to learn about teamwork and harmony. They tend to stick out as confident and often visionary individuals with a clear purpose. They are also competitive and dominating with huge reserves of energy and drive.

Number Two:

This is the first vibration of harmony, reflection and balance. While the previous number signifies awakening, this one represents eliminates the aspect of loneliness and brings in the first concept of relationship. Ironically most people with this vibration tend to suffer from loneliness unless they begin to truly like themselves and of course loneliness is quickly keep at bay with relationships. So events and places with this vibration have the effect of bringing people together and this means friendships and lovers and even business partners. Yes, this isn’t a lovers-only group. But this vibration serves as a magnet pulling events and people together obeying rules of harmony and balance. This is the glue number.

People with this vibration tend to be introverted in the sense that they spend more time than others reflecting on their lives and themselves. This is the basis for a relationship with oneself and needs time to grow. These people also are extroverted in the sense that they have an innate need to connect to other people but are better at one-on-one deals than group scenarios. Intimacy is their strong point. They have a potential to be wise peacekeepers depending on how deep and loving a relationship they have managed to establish with themselves. They can relate to almost anybody, being capable of seeing at least a smidgen of themselves reflected in someone else no matter how different. They are diplomatic and hate facing conflicts no matter how competent they become with it.

Number Three:

This is the number that breaks the stability of the previous vibration. It is the disrupter born to shake things up, to bring in something more interesting, possibly a solution, definitely some tangible action. It is also a liberator considering the number two tends to sweep certain things under the rug in order to force harmony where there can be none. Number three often tends to brings things out of the closet, new pieces of the puzzle into the mix and it is the first number in the series to represent a group or a community. Events and places carrying this vibration tap into the all the creative, social and fun energies out there. It’s like having a wild card. That’s why a lot of people think 3 is lucky, why witches are totally in love with it and a lot of creative minds too.

Number 3 people are all about charm and dynamism. They are creative, active, even restless and chaotic. They tend to be the catalysts in the group either for good or bad or both. They love being social and are more comfortable with larger groups than one-on-ones. Intimacy isn’t their strong suit but attraction is. They are magnets that attract people and situations back into their life. So they are very familiar with lucky streaks and unlucky ones too (be careful what you wish for). They like action and creativity and anything that holds their interest. Boredom and routine is their mortal enemy. So they make good entrepreneur, performers, artists, salesmen and that-person-with-all-the-connections.

Number Four:

This is the first number in the series to bring in serious tangible foundations, something that can actually have a chance at surviving through the ages. It stops the dynamic vibration of 3 from spinning out of control and serves as a grounding force. Events and places with this vibration have a ‘staying effect’ as they tend to leave a mark in the unconscious even if they no longer exist. The positive aspects are its property of solid foundations and tangible achievements. But it also means rest and this can sometimes manifest in stagnation, a standstill, or even sleep and more sinisterly, death! The Japanese number four is considered unlucky because it sounds like death. So unless you have a professional’s wisdom to back you up, don’t go choosing this number willy nilly. After all, for some it can mean stagnation or death and for others a foundation. Either way it has the power to seep into subconscious layers and affect the unseen generations to come which explains its Karmic reputation.

Number 4 people are industrious and practical and very level headed. There are often result oriented and find comfort in routine. The form much of the backbone of society as they are reliable, committed and sturdy in their goals and everyday life. They can be very stubborn though, even more bullheaded than number 1 people. They are tend to be home or work oriented and much of their social life surrounds it without which they tend to simply keep to themselves. Naturally, they don’t do well with change and need time to adjust. For people that find so much comfort in the ordinary, they sure bump into some weird coincidences and that is because of the vibration of 4 that passes on subconscious data from generation to generation, connecting souls in endless loops for good or ill. Yay! People born with the number most definitely have karmic stuff handed down to them from previous lives or ancestors. People named with that vibration are those with the choice of ignoring or changing it. There is a lot of unnecessary gloom and doom surrounding this subject so be sure to lighten up and make an effort to get your occult facts right.

Number Five:

Past the stability of four, arises chaos and change once more in the vibration of number 5. It tends to overthrow the stability of 4, either to revolutionise it, or govern it. People with this number either hate anarchy (if they fancy themselves the leader) or love it. This vibration is a force meant to uproot foundations and make way for new ones, to either break hierarchies or make them, to seek out new paths, new ways of being. Events with this vibration are like the answer to growing dissatisfaction of what was or yearning and longing for something better. It’s a number of renewed energy so places with this vibration have an invigorating energy useful to stir up creativity and change from within. Even though it doesn’t have the speed of number 3, it has more reliability. So it’s great for writing.

Number 5 people are eccentrics, oddballs and know-it-alls. They are usually very opinionated and have a need to express, rectify and sometimes enforce their opinions over others. They share a synergy with 1 and 10 and something about this makes them a usually impatient chaser of perfection. They see a lot more variables than others and are very versatile with how they do things. These people tend to travel, in search of new experiences and new people. There are two major kinds of people in this energy space, the ones that care about other people (who become activists or social reformers) and the ones that don’t (writers, scientists, etc). But both types end up expressing their uniqueness for the benefit others in one way or the other. They are also explorers.

Number Six:

The unique aspect of this number is how it is relatable to all the other numbers, and this makes it the number of true harmony or love. It softens the harshness of all odd numbers and lightens up the seriousness of the even ones. It carries the reflective and harmonising aspects of 2 and the lucky, charming aspects of 3. Events with this vibration tend to leave it mark in their hearts rather than the subconscious and the heart space is where the conscious and subconscious happen to merge. Places with this vibration are absolutely lovely, are perfect for a healing space in which one can grow or recuperate.

Number 6 people don’t have much of a mind or capacity for money although they do attract gifts and generosity in exchange for what they give. As long as they don’t burden themselves with worries about their financial status, they are bound to attract comfortable circumstances. They exude an inviting energy and people find them very approachable. They make good healers, counsellors and teachers with an innate balance of consistency and dynamism. However they are not as personal as number 2 people and will always be drawn to those in need. Provided they don’t ignore their own needs, they are capable of living very fulfilling lives as they are always more about the journey and not so much the destination.

Number Seven:

This energy seeks to go beyond love for several reasons; to protect it, to escape it, to test itself and to explore spirituality. Quite opposite to how number 6 can relate to a lot of other vibrations, this one is pretty alienated. Love is then not enough for this vibration as as it needs to satiate its intense innate need to find out the purpose of its existence. This is why seven is said to be holy. There is a degree of separation that is experienced by everything that carries this vibration that, dare I say, forces a connection to the divine from within. Events with this vibration tend to be misunderstood by most people except those that resonate with the same number. Places like churches and temples and such are better off with this vibration.

Number 7 people always feel different and clueless at a young age, already asking themselves all the big questions often pondering about them quite seriously. They don’t quite fit in with the rest but they also don’t share number 5’s need to make changes or express their uniqueness. These people choose to change themselves. This is the number of the ascetic, the mystic, the philosopher etc as they all have the need to fill their emptiness/disconnectedness by connecting to the divine, a greater truth or a higher purpose. Even if the person has no desire for spirituality, they would still demand more from life and would ultimately set about finding their own way of life. The more connected they are to the divine here-and-now, the more capable they are of leading ordinary existence of married and work life.

Number Eight:

This is when things come around full circle. Since this vibration has the same attribute of stability as number 4 returning double fold, it carries a strength that withstands the test of time even in the material world. Its connection to the infinity symbol is powerful. Even though power, material gain is implied, this vibration is not an easy one to carry and if you are not careful, you’ll probably end up inviting more trouble than you can handle. This vibration carries all things old, true and constant. Assigning such a name to something or someone means you are either blessing or cursing it with the hand of Fate. Not only is this an intense vibration that magnifies all the qualities of number 4 but it also has the effect of returning to the point of origination better, stronger and more powerful than before. Either that or die.

Number 8 people have ambitions to build something, to leave some sort of legacy. They also are very persistent about it. I think it’s because they have a sense of what potential they could realise even at a young age. But they never have it easy. If you are born a number 8 and disagree with this statement, you must have some nice number 6 vibration cushioning things for you in your name or surname or parents’ birthdays etc. Most number 8 people hate the idea of fate because they don’t like to think of their life as led by an external force. They prefer to think of themselves as self-made men and women. What they don’t realise is that they are hardwired to run headlong into obstacles, boldly facing whatever life throws at them. Some say this vibration carries karmic punishment and reward.

Number Nine:

Before zero caught on, for a long time 9 symbolised completion, ascension and god-like status. Now though, we need a slightly tweaked interpretation. The number, to me represents a sense of impending finality or completeness. It represents everything from reaping the rewards of hard work, experiencing the bliss of nearing the peak or some desired goal to the bitter-sweet retirement. This vibration when used carefully brings people within the reach of success (noticed prices that end with ..9.99 sell faster?). It is also the vibration of decay and self destruction (my unpopular opinion) due to the fact it is the last in its series and must give way to double digit vibrations. Many events and places have been named to have the vibration of 9 and while most end up achieving success, there are also train wrecks. The difference is in the levels of agitation, fear and grace and acceptance. Since 9 also represents endings and decays, using it with feelings of fear, temper, even desperation is a no-no.

Number 9 people often have what people call the midas touch. Success and all their desires always seem to be a leap away. They are the kids (other than number 1 kids) whose parents boast would grow up to do great things. This vibration is quite the double edged sword and to yield it properly, one needs to learn the art and grace of letting go. In its most balanced state this vibration has the composure to accept endings and live in the present. They are go-getters that always love a good challenge. They can command authority but they will usually choose another challenge to overcome instead of staying committed to a leadership role. Think of them as retired folk; they will either go from one adventure to the other living life to the fullest and impart wisdom, help and experience along the way, or be anxious and fearful, questioning their worth at every exhausting step. Number 9 people can be both types in one lifetime.

Phew! Will post the interpretations of compound numbers as part two!



This was the post that halted pretty much everything else on this blog. In fact in the beginning it was named Death and it was supposed to be about my relationship with the Death card for it was MY card. It was that one card that once described me. Not anymore. I was going to write about how all my life I had to deal with assuming identities and then dissolving them, how all my life I had been about snipping the past away and surging ahead. No attachments! This post was going to be a in depth explanation about the Death card because of my personal connection with it. Instead, I’m going to write about Rebirth and close as many cycles and open loops as I can!

I had painted my first ever oil painting at college. It was the largest piece of art I had ever created and in it my soul had called on so much magic… I really had no idea at the time. Not until 7 years later when facebook reminded me of the painting. At that precise point my life was thrown in absolute chaos but I knew I was at the beginning of real change. I still had to go through one more of year of lightening fast events and now here I am. I have no job to speak of, no money of my own, my loan still exists. What I do have though, is love and wisdom. An abundance of which has ensured that I am well taken care of and lovingly guided…, just like a new born child should be.

What is this Rebirth about? Getting a chance to do it right this time. That’s what it is about. Many of us feel like we were born in the wrong era or born to parents that just don’t understand or born under the wrong/unfortunate circumstances. While that was true for me, I also admit that I could have made better choices.., I could have reacted differently. Could have, but I didn’t because I just didn’t know any better. It was an amalgam of my choices and external circumstances that had left me feeling lost and pretty dead inside. After I had done that painting, I did spend at least four years trying hard and succeeding at living a happy joyful life. I managed to hit a peak that lasted a good few months and then I just dropped. Everything following it had been an effort to simply hold on to some semblance of a normal life. I was close to death. Not in a suicidal way, no. Not all of us consciously end our lives in the physical realm, most of us actually choke our own spirits and end up with varying stages of depression. Every depressed soul is basically the living dead.

But that’s when the magic started to kick in. The first sign of it starting was the gradual falling apart of everything I used to hold on to. I couldn’t hold on to jobs, I broke up with my then boyfriend, I even cut away from my family and friends and slowly began deviating from the initial path I was on, heading towards nowhere. I had my tarots to guide me and cards that kept coming up were the Butterfly and Bat from my Medicine deck, Death from my Rider Waite deck and Phoenix from my Spirit Animal App. I remember being frustrated that it was taking so long. I kept wondering why I kept getting these cards every now and again. Trying to figure out when it will finally be over with. Then the Shadowscape Deck came to me. It was a beautiful gift from a beautiful person. My theory is that the kind of cards you have are a reflection of your world view and state of consciousness. The Shadowscape were the final sweet piece of the puzzle that guided me into the birthing part of the Rebirth process.

The Death card in this deck is a beautiful depiction of a phoenix burning and a fetus of the same soul forming right next to it. That was simply the most perfect description of the process I went through. It explained how every single thing in my life was burning away at the same time that I was discovering vital aspects to myself (like my cards) that stayed with me. It explained why I felt old and new at the same time and yet it still wasn’t over. It was like my consciousness was divided and living in two separate realities, one of endings and the other of beginnings. I began to realise that even after the burning was done, I was still a little baby incapable of many things. I think the hardest part through all of this wasn’t about letting go or the dying. For me at least, the hardest part was having patience and trusting in the process. I had the wisdom and richness of the old life like as if it had burned away to a crystal that held everything I needed and yet, I had no real way of putting it to use. I used to beat myself up about it, until hitsuzen brought me to a video of a lady talking about new born pups that haven’t opened their eyes yet.

I began this blog with the aim of figuring out myself and the Universe I was born into. As I look at the earliest posts, I can’t help but feel a sense of completion. I have walked The Way of the Phoenix and found The Heart’s Home. Took the Walk towards Peak or Fall and ended up creating a juicy Spider Web where I caught my “Not Soulmate“, where I hope to catch a lot more. My painting paved the way for my rebirth and my poems literally inked in the details along the way.

Now up until the rebirth, I identified with the Death card. That is to say when I had picked out a card that would represent me, it was the Death card which meant that I would always go through hard changes. I was change personified. I inspired or brought about the same with people that stayed close. What I mean by that is that back then, if you thought you were starting something with me, you were actually ending something big in your life simply by having me around. After my Rebirth though, I no longer show up as Death but the Star. My “Why Tarots” post literally documents an incident where this same card pops up thrice. Although I related to it back then, I had a feeling this card was significant in some other way too. Hitsuzen and here I am full circle, a full blooded Witch as the end of her Belief Quest.

My first Runic experience

¬† For those who don’t know, Runes are a set of ancient Norse alphabets that are believed to be initially used for magic or divinatory purposes and later for writing. Each Rune represents a hieroglyph/symbol/letter, a number and, and idea/concept. As Karl Hanz Welz put it, they are a system of switches or triggers which allow access to otherwise inaccessible transcendental energies. I became interested in Runes ever since I got to know that they can be used for divination. Being such a lover of the tarots, I’m always looking out for similar divination tools that use different core concepts like the Medicine cards, iChing and of course runes.


¬† What appealed to me about Runes was their concept of Fate or Wyrd as they call it. It is practically the same as the Japanese concept of ‘Hitzuzen’: the inevitable perceived by many as the fickle hand of Fate is merely inevitable because of the many choices and decisions made in the past and present (and this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Wyrd is concerned). We don’t always see how the little things we collectively do finally come together to dictate the future and so we call it fate or chance or luck. This means Runes do not tell you your destiny or fortune but rather it helps you know the possible futures, the current flow of things, the energies required to bring change. This puts the responsibility squarely on the querent. I don’t just prefer this, I believe this is how the Universe actually works. Sadly, the traditional tarots have widespread false assumptions attached to it, the concept of predetermined fate being one of them. So as a tarot reader I get stupid questions like ‘Am I supposed to marry him?’ ‘Am I destined to travel?’ ‘When will I meet the one?’ and many more ‘should i’s and ‘supposed to’s than I care to remember. You see why it is so refreshing to stumble on a divinatory tool that uses the concept of Wyrd.

¬† So there I was learning bit by bit about each Rune from the 18 Futhark in my own time. I wasn’t planning on using it for anything other than divination. I hoped to paint them and create my own deck of runes. I’ll probably get around to doing just that. But this article isn’t about that. This is about the time when¬† I was going through a tough spot with someone and I needed mad communication skills that I just didn’t have. I’m an introvert and typically aversive of confrontation or any discussion that involves imparting harsh truths. I’m naturally inclined towards diplomacy, subtle hints and silence which is pretty useful but sometimes they just seem like useless beating around the bush,¬† too-subtle-to-pick-up hints and the silence is just me choking on my words.

¬† Out of nowhere it occurred to me that I could use Runes to help me with this little situation. In my studies I had come across the use of Runes and Runic formulas for magic. I hadn’t paid much attention to it before but I’m glad I finally did. I used a combination of three Runes: Ansuz, Gebo and, Wunjo. Ansuz meant inspired communication, Gebo meant exchange and Wunjo, joy. Together it meant an exchange of positive and inspired communication. Of course I’m oversimplifying it’s meaning here but this is the gist of it. I had written it on my hand. Throughout our ‘talk’ I could feel this pressure on my hand where I had written it. This numb pain ( I don’t know how else to put it. It’s a funny sensation to describe) came up everytime we were at a tricky part of our discussion. It stopped when I finally got the hang of it.¬†


¬† What I really like about the whole thing is the fact that I didn’t do or say anything I would not have. That is to say, I was myself the whole time and the feats I had accomplished in communication came from within.¬† I did not suddenly become harsh and blunt with my words. I drove my point home in my own unique way. It was like I had a bit of clarity where I had a sense of not only what the other person wanted to hear (as always) but also what was needed to be said. The words came from this part of me I hadn’t realized existed mainly because I was always too caught up with the knowledge of what people wanted to hear and I always avoided saying things that could possibly antagonize them. But with this subtle clarity, words felt almost tangible to me. Each sentence spoken was like a stone thrown into a pond. I could sense its ripples and effects. I was in control, of my words and to some extent, its effects. After I washed the runes off, the effects
had sort of faded. But more importantly, I had a taste of what it was like when I was at my best and that changed something in me. Now I know that it might take a while but I can get there on my own. Sure enough I have my¬† moments where I can be firm and gentle at the same time. Soon I know that I won’t have make a conscious effort to be that way, because it would become as easy as breathing with time. As a person who is big on self-improvment, this is very appealing to me.

¬† Of course this is just my favourite part¬† about my experience with the formula. It was definitely the Rune, Ansuz that allowed me to perceive what was needed to be said. Gebo allowed for an exchange in communication. The reception of my words were 10 times better than anything I had hoped for. Wunjo had us smiling a bit in the end, which was absolutely unexpected. It was amazing how I managed to have the best possible experience. It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t contrived. I’m not sure if that was because the runes in the formula were all runes that agree with my personality or if they do not go against a person’s grain, working only with what is available. I act on inspiration and intuition; I believe in proper exchange and balance; to top it all I it is easier for me to be joyful and I’m all for harmonious relationships. So I think it is more to do with the runes being compatible with me. It was as if the Runes had merely opened up the gate to a new path and I had the will to take it.

¬† I have always been into prediction, arts, healing and psychology. Now I have something new to add to my list of interests: magic, runic magic. As if it weren’t enough that all sectors of my life are currently undergoing change, now I’m on the brink of a whole new shift in my perception of the Universe and by extension, myself. I have since experimented with two runic tattoos (henna) and am currently keeping a talisman made with a runic formula I had created on my own. I’ll be writing another article once I find out how that goes and truly understand it.

  Let me know of your experiences with the Runes. Experience is the truest teacher. Using the tarots taught me things about the Universe and the tarots themselves and I expect it is the same with Runes.



The Medicine Wheel (part 2)

As promised, I’ll be doing an in-depth case study on the medicine wheel reading. I present to you, our subject Anne Frank. I have already given a brief explanation on her totem animals individually in the last post. Now I’ll be moving on to showing other ways of interpreting the cards on the wheel. But keep in mind that, we don’t have the center card so the explanation wouldn’t be a complete one.

It is always a good idea to find out the dominant element. For Anne Frank, with 3 land bound animals, her element is the earth. The eagle in the north represents the element air. This gives the me the idea that her life is more practical with measurable goals and a realistic, sensible approach with a touch of spiritualism, or keen intellect that provide her guidance. It is best to keep this picture in mind while interpreting the rest.

The West, Center and East card shows you the progress or trajectory of your growth/life. Think of it as an arrow, with the arrow head pointing towards its target, the East card. The West card signifies the force you use to draw the bow. In Anne’s case, the biggest goal has been to face her fears and the motivation for this is keeping secrets or rather being tired of keeping/living in secret. It could also mean achieving most of her goals would involve a degree of secrecy, tact and, maybe help from unusual sources. The center card gives you an idea of the context in which the goals and drives lay.

The North card and South card gives you an idea of the level in which the client operates. This is because the North and South card are your inner parent and child, respectively; the voice you listen to (North) and the insecurities (South) you need to deal with always affects how far you can go and how far you won’t. The reverse Eagle in the North meant having the wisdom¬†to lead but not the courage or the belief to do so. The reversed Buffalo in the South meant an unwillingness to put herself “out there” due to lack of faith in miracles. As a rule, usually when the South card is reversed the North tends to be the same; similarly when the West card is reversed, the East usually is too. That is how cause and effect works in the Medicine Wheel.

If you combine what we have got so far out of the cards, you get a sense that Anne Frank did accomplish what she set out to do (facing fears=Rabbit) and went about it in a way that suited her best (discreetly=Lynx) but perhaps not in the magnitude it might have been had she believed she was more than just a little girl (rev Eagle) with unanswered prayers (rev Buffalo). While most of her totem animals are of the element earth, having an air type in the North direction raises the vibration of everything else. It is the little something that gives a down-to-earth, sensible person the edge of a visionary or in the very least, great ambition. If the center card was an air type too, it would mean that the trait ran strong in her.

So we have seen about the individual cards and what they signify in each direction and we have also analyzed the North-South and East-West combinations. Next thing is to combine each card with the center to see what we get. I’m going to use a reading a friend did for me as an example. She used Rider-Waite cards and the typical medicine wheel reading was done to show my psyche state at that time. Here is a listing for the cards and their positions:

  • North – Ace of cups
  • South – Strength
  • West – Queen of Wands
  • East – The lovers
  • Center – 3 of cups


When interpreting a medicine wheel reading for the current state of mind instead of the person’s life (like I did for Anne Frank), the principle stays the same but the interpretation is of course slightly different.¬†I have two water element cards, one fire and two neutral ones which means that emotions, creativity and balance are more important here. The West-East combo tells me that I have the enthusiasm and energy (QoW) to carry out my projects although achieving the goal in the end will rest on my ability to make the right decision (Lovers). The North-South combo tells me that I have tapped into an overflow of creative energy and positivity (AoC) while at the same time maintaining a leash on the unfavorable sides of my self.

Now the center card is the three of cups, indicating that the sole desire is to celebrate life, have a good time with friends etc (I was in a really good phase back then). When you combine this with the East and West card, it is evident that I was enthusiastic (QoW) about raising the quality of my social life (3oC) and the choice i had to make in the future (lovers) had to reflect that. Combining the North and South cards, show me that the ideas/feelings that came to me (AoC) were best shared with my friends (3oc) and that I had to maintain a grip on the unruly part of me (strength) to ensure nothing messed that up. The concept is the same when you are dealing with a medicine wheel reading for totem animals as well.

As ¬†rule, if the center card is reversed then you are looking at a problem that the querent will need to fix on their own by doing little things that represent the card in its most favorable interpretation. However if any of other cards are reversed, focusing on the meaning of the surrounding cards will give you the key to the solution. For example, Anne Frank’s reversed Buffalo is adjacent to Lynx and Rabbit. Now, the Buffalo represents faith that good things can happen while the Rabbit fears and by fearing, calls its fear into reality. But the Rabbit works the same way with hopes too, it is just that many get too preoccupied by fear to dare to hope. Lynx, apart from representing secrets, also represents the occult or spiritualistic knowledge.¬†To put it simply, less dwelling on fears and more on hope and, also a bit of spiritualism could have helped her feel safe, loved, nurtured. As I said before, I don’t blame her for having no faith given the conditions she was living under, but to her that loss was important because it meant a losing her childhood.

I hope this article has been helpful. Whenever I feel stuck I often refer to my totem animals and apply its message to the current situation. I use it like a traveler would use a compass and it has never failed me. ūüôā




My Spirit Guide Experience

This just happened earlier today. I just had to write about it as soon as I could. What ‘this’ is, is an illuminating experience via the power of visualization. Visualization and especially guided meditation can act like windows through which your subconscious or your higher self can communicate to you. I have used plenty of techniques before with amazing results. But this time, my experience means so much more to me perhaps, because I needed it so.

For a long time I have been slacking off on my meditation and reiki practices. Naturally, I have been feeling less connected to the Universe and more bogged down by the difficulties of everyday life. It certainly didn’t get any easier when huge changes started to happen in my life. I felt like I was powerless against it. No matter how many times my cards would tell me to trust in myself and that things would turn out great, I couldn’t believe it. That’s when I knew I had gone on too long without really connecting to the Universe.

I decided today I would use a guided meditation to meet my spirit animal (it’s a secret). I just went with a video from a really old collection I have. You can find that here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGnB3w80b8M. I’m sure there are better videos on the same topic but as long as you can keep an open mind, anything will do. The video starts off with asking me to visualize myself in a crowded room, searching for a quiet place. Then I’m asked to see a door that leads to a room with a comfortable chair I can sit in. Here is where the countdown starts to get me into a deeper state.

Then I’m asked to visualize a beach. Now this is where my mind just takes control and ignores the nice lady in the video. Instead of seeing a bright sunny beach and walking along a path towards some light, the beach is cloudy, windy and kind of dark. It is definitely day but since it is so cloudy, I can’t tell the time. I can’t help walking into the ocean. The waves drag me in and pretty soon I’m submerged completely. But I realize I can breathe. There is a bubble around my head. It grows until it encases me completely as well as a bit of the ocean floor. It is only then that I see my path of black smooth stones leading to a tree.

The tree was bare and like me, completely submerged. About this time I could vaguely hear the lady in the video say something about meeting my guide. And I do see my animal spirit but it seems trapped in a hollow in the tree. I tell her my tree is bare. She tells me the bottom of an ocean is no place for a tree to grow. Water may be life but too much of it just drowns you. I tell her that water is my element, I can’t just do without it. Needless to say my spirit animal is exasperated with me. But she tells me to raise the ground above the water and I do! And then there is this little island with a tree in my head.

But my tree is bare. She tells me I’ve got to let the sunshine in and rays come streaking between the clouds. She tells me to get to work and I start pulling away the seaweed and burying it under the roots. Then, my guide told me it was time to let some water in again. What began was a light rain with the sun still shining through. Each drop of rain that hit the ground, made the place fertile. My island was in bloom and so was my tree. It was so beautiful I almost cried.

But my spirit animal was still stuck in the tree. She said she never really was. She stretched out and the tree creaked open enough for her to slip out. And as she did, she transformed into me; a darker version of me. Maybe dark is a strong word. It was the part of me I had repressed, the ‘me’ that was just too different, too non-conforming and yes, a little dark. She strutted towards me, kissed me and hugged me. I felt at peace for the first time in a long time.

So this is what I take away from this little trip:

  • Get out from under all of that emotion.
  • Introduce some joy back in my life/Go outside.
  • Use the shit around me to help me grow.
  • Let myself feel again.
  • Stretch out and be myself.
  • No apologies. Only acceptance.

I’m definitely getting back to meditation. I can’t believe I forgot how rewarding it can be.

The Owl

Here is a painting of a spirit animal I did for a special someone. I admit it turned out darker than I wanted it to be. I will probably paint another one that can represent the owl better. I hate the picture quality though. The camera captures the colours wrong. ūüėõ